*Quizzie*, SR Chroma X-Quiz-It Druidess CDX RE AX MXJ OF NW1
*Shaymus*, SR Chroma Druid Shaymus, CD,X RE, AX, AXJ
*Joker*, SR Chroma Druidess Joker CDX RE AX AXJ NF


The CATASTICKS are the sons & daughters of BISS CH CHROMA Thief of Hearts, CD, RA, OA, AXJ, OJC, TDIA, CGC, GDCA-VA, and Druidess Catrina, CDX, RN, AX, AXJ. They are owned & trained by their breeder, Susan Robinson, DVM, of Dallas TX. All three were ranked in all sports in 2005, 2006, 2007 & 2008. All three are working on gaining more and more dogsport titles.

The Harlequin male Shaymus went High in Trial at the Great Dane National Specialty from Novice B with a 195 for his first CD leg & has been ranked since in obedience, agility and/or rally & received an invitation to the Agility National in 2008. Shaymus got his NA & NAJ both in early October 2004 with placements & was 6 for 6 (all Qs) in STD. Then got his OAJ & OA & easily moved on to excell in Excellent & workiing towards his MACH at this point in Masters Agility. He also got his CD in early January 2005, then his RN, RA & RE in speedy order. He's working on his UD & RAE as well as his MACH at this point.

His Harlequin sister Joker was HIT at the Dallas Specialty in 2006 from Open B with a 194.5 just after finishing her CDX, and was top EXJWW Dane for 2005 & #1 RA Dane in 2005. & is working towards her Utility title end of 2008. Joker is one serious girl, despite her very unserious markings! She's one of those split-faced Harlequins once seen is really hard to forget....

The "other" girl is a Whiz (our Quizzie) in agility and qualified for the AKC Agility Invitational in 2007 & again in 2008. Quizzy has attended the AKC Eukanuba National Agility Invitational twice, in 2007, 2008 & has 100+ MACH points. She has 3 qualifying scores towards her UD, but only under two judges. She's the small "Speedy Gonzales" of the litter; she was clocked in a Jumper's run at 17 seconds: she's so fast the camera can hardly catch her!!